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The Fitness Factory


Unit 25, Ford Road
Totnes Industrial Estate
Totnes Devon TQ9 5LQ

Tel  01803 862 711

Six years proudly helping you to better health. We're now fully six years into our fitness adventure, so recently we invested heavily again and spent £17,000 to completely refurbish our spinning studio with brand new, state-of-the art bikes: Livestrong SLs from Matrix are the best on the market, because only the best will do for our discerning customers! Come to try our new machines - they are super smooth and totally adjustable.

The Fitness Factory is helping hundreds of people in the South Hams to better health and fitness. Since opening in March 2005 over 1750 people have tried our classes; in almost 75,000 member visits we have together cycled many hundreds of thousands of miles, drank thousands of gallons of water, and burned tens of millions of calories.

Why are we such a nice place to exercise?

Fitness for Everybody
We have created a non-intimidating environment where men and women of all ages improve their health through a varied mix of fitness classes. Being a family-run business we get to know you individually and treat you like a friend.

A Range of Classes to Suit You
We only do classes, so we do them very well. It was proved in 2009 that group exercise is better than solo exercise (see article at the bottom of this page). Our extensive range of classes include Pilates, Spinning (indoor group cycling), Core Toning, All-Body Conditioning and Bodysculpt. You can choose classes to be as easy or as challenging as you want. We train people from 16 to 86, from complete novices to elite athletes.

A Non-Traditional Gym
The 'traditional gym' model, (i.e. treadmills, weights machines, etc.), works very badly for the vast majority of us; only 8% of the UK population regularly attends a gym. The reason people stop going is because gyms are boring. Exercising alone, on a machine, means you need to motivate yourself - this can be very hard to do, and all too soon terminal boredom sets in. That's why 75% of people who join traditional gyms stop attending within 12 weeks. At The Fitness Factory our instructors keep you motivated and entertained, so you will want to come back regularly.

However traditional gyms nearly always bind you into a 12-month membership contract. The big chains make most of their profits from the 75% of fee-paying members that rarely (or never) attend, but because they have signed a contract, they still have to keep paying their memberships for the rest of the year. We don't do annual contracts; if you want to stop coming, it's OK, you can stop paying. Simple, and fair.

In order to decide how best to improve your fitness, you need to know how fit you are. We offer all members a free initial assessment; essential for creating a tailored exercise plan that will fit in with your lifestyle, and guarantee results. Our assessment includes a 6 minute step test, using a Heart Rate Monitor to keep you safe and measure your performance at rest, during (mild) exercise, and in recovery post-exercise. Then we measure your height and weight, from which we calculate your BMI; we measure your Blood Pressure before and after exercise, perform a stretch test, and calculate your BF%. With this data we can recommend a tailored program and diet for you. This initial free assessment takes about one hour and is a great way to get you going. Traditional gyms cannot offer anywhere near this level of detailed personal attention or specific programme tailoring

Safety and Motivation
Perhaps most importantly of all, in most gyms the execution of exercises is rarely well taught. As a new member you may get a perfunctory 10-minute 'induction' during which you are shown the basics of how to use the equipment, after which you are left entirely on your own. From that moment on your safety is at risk; you may start developing bad habits and there are no instructors to correct you. After a few visits most people begin to lose motivation. What's worse is that in many gyms the machines themselves are badly designed, or poorly adjusted and not maintained: this is in our view quite unacceptable. We believe that exercising with free weights - emphasizing posture and technique - is much safer on your joints and ultimately offers better results. In all our classes you are continually supervised, your technique is always improving, and you are kept motivated. This keeps you coming back.

Well-designed fitness programmes must include progression, since the body rapidly becomes accustomed to any given routine. Maximum benefits accrue by gradually increasing the intensity, and/or the duration of the exercises. Once exercise is established into your weekly routine you can choose to progress through various levels of intensity, in your own time, when you feel ready. Nobody will push you harder than you can safely absorb; this is where the personal touch at the Fitness Factory makes all the difference; traditional gyms don't even know your name, so how can they possibly keep you safe or help you improve? Whatever goals you choose, we have a workout programme to suit your current level of health and fitness.

The rewards are all yours!

For further details of our facilities, clients' testimonials, timetable and gallery, please visit our website

Rory and the team look forward to welcoming you to The Fitness Factory in Totnes.

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