Saturday 27th October 2018

10:30am to 5:30pm

All tickets £7

Palace theatre is delighted to welcome the internationally renowned film festival, celebration of the motion picture with a focus on home grown talent. A highlight of the 2018 programme is a showing of ‘Borley Rectory’ a feature film / documentary about a Dartmoor house that is reputed to be most haunted house in the world. The film stars , in Dartmoor, starring Reece Shearsmith, a creator writer and performer of League of Gentlemen. Other highlights include ‘War Stories’ two short documentaries presented by the author of the books, Chris Robillard and a chance to see the English Riviera on the big screen, beautifully filmed with stunning drone footage. A final treat before the official English Riviera Film Awards ceremony is ‘Beard Envy’ by festival director John Tomkins, with author Robert Garnham, award-winning spoken word artist, fresh from the success of festival showings in New York.

The English Riviera Film Festival Awards will show the top ten entries to the award, selected by a panel of judges.

English Riviera Film Festival

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