Welcome to JINGLES Restaurant Torquay

Superb tex mex food in a fun atmosphere in the heart of Torquay.

Fabulous tex mex food and drinks, including OUR FAMOUS MARGARITAS and TEQUILA shots!

Dishes from around the world from America to Asia and from Mexico to the Mediterranean. There’s no excuse! There is food for everyone – with a truly vast menu and generous portions to match.

Whether it’s for dinner for two, a party celebration, or a family meal out, a Great Time is waiting at Jingles Restaurant.

Jingles, the Finest for TexMex and food from around the world. This really is ‘The New World on a Plate’!

Jingles, the Finest for Tex Mex – It’s HOT!!

Read this incredible review!

With amazing reports from just about everyone I know, Jingles is a restaurant that has become legendary in Torbay. So like a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter I decided to experience it for myself.

Tex-Mex food over the past few years has become a favourite with many a punter. Peoples palates are no longer satisfied with a pizza or curry, so adventure in an eating capacity is what most are now looking for..

There’s no wonder why this place gets custom. A great location right n the heart of town and a bunch of staff who have the seering qualities of a catholic priest help to create a fabulous atmosphere.

One would expect that Monday evenings generally around seven o’clock are a somewhat subdued affair, however. I haven’t seen a business let alone a restaurant as thriving as this in a long time. Okay, so its summer here in Torbay – just! But Jingles must be doing something right to attract so many weary eaters.

Now at some point in this review I might get around to talking about food, but frankly that’s the least of your worries. The food is quite mouth watering and for those who do enjoy a lot of choice, then you will be there for quite a while deciding.

There are an array of Nacho, Fajita, Steak, Hamburger, Chicken and Seafood dishes to get the palate interested and I can tell you that it is one of only a few establishments that sells the ‘Big Bud’ bottles of lager (a somewhat blown up version of the Budweiser bottles we are used to).

Make sure you do have your munchie hat on, as these portions are large and I mean large and quite honestly that would be my only real criticism of this restaurant. No one really wants to be a piggy but then again if you can handle it like my 16 stone frame can, then you won’t have to eat for a good couple of days.

34-36 Torwood St, Torquay TQ1 1EB, UK

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