Macbeth – theatre shows in Brixham & Torquay

Nationally award-winning local theatre company brings Shakespeare’s classic Macbeth to life in ambitious new production in Brixham and Torquay.

“Blood will have blood”

Macbeth, Act 3 scene 4

Shakespeare’s classic drama of ambition, power and fate, first thought to be performed in 1606, is now brought to life in a dramatic new adaptation performing the original text, set in a post-World War 3, near-future wasteland.

Performed by a professional cast of locally based actors including cast members who have recently moved to Torbay from Los Angeles, this production will come to Brixham Theatre and then Torquay Museum in the New Year. Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s best known dramas, alongside King Lear, Orthello, Hamlet, and Romeo & Juliet. It tells the tale of a Scottish war hero, who, tempted by ambition and power, and supernatural whisperings, begins a series of murders, to take and hold the throne. Returning home from war, Macbeth encounters three mysterious women, whose prophecy of kingship, sets in motion his ambition, and ultimately his fall into madness and blood…..

This production design combines the dark aftermarth of a nuclear WW3, the exotic of the supernatural, and dramatic lighting, with immersive soundscapes to create Macbeths world in a new vision of the drama. Months of intensive rehearsal and preparation are taking place to prepare the show, which will be performed around Torbay between January and February 2019, with the production having an emphasis on using recycled materials for costumes and props, wherever possible.

The South Devon Players, founded in 2005/6 on the proceeds of a carboot sale, are winners of the national Epic Award 2017 for England, a national arts award celebrating creativity and innovation in grassroots arts, and international nominations for past productions. Based in Brixham, the Players primarily specialise in researched historical theatre productions and old “Classics”. Following this production of Macbeth, the Players will begin work on a production of Les Miserables.

Macbeth features a powerful team of regular and new actors.

Michael Lane, who appears as Macbeth, is a local professional actor who trained at South Devon College before going on to train at the National Youth Film Academy in London.

Sarah Gregori, (appearing as Ross) also has a musical background having worked in the past as a holiday camp entertainer, and at a studio working on musical composition and CD production with Graham Scott of the Tremeloes.

Agne Stra (Appearing as Donalbain, and the Second Murderer) and her husband Kestutis (appearing as the Porter and the First Murderer), moved to the UK from Lithuania, Agne is trained in ballroom dancing; her brother being a European and World champion ballroom dancer, but Agne chose instead to pursue a career in medicine, and is now rediscovering her love of the stage. On the other hand, Kestutis is appearing on stage for very the first time.

Laura Jury (the director, and also playing Lennox), studied performing arts at South Devon college, then went to Plymouth to do a Bachelors degree in film & TV production, before progressing to Exeter University to complete a Masters degree in teaching theatre. With a history of performing since 1996, and directing since 2000, in between her training she has also pursued a career as a professional performer, and in 2006 founded the now multi award-winning South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company with three others, to create new projects in Torbay.

Venues and dates

Tickets for all shows cost £8 (or £7 concessions).

Brixham Theatre

Friday January 18th (7.30pm), Saturday January 19th (2.30pm, 7.30pm)

Brixham Theatre

New Road


Devon TQ5 8SA

Box office: 01803 415897

Book online at

Torquay Museum

Friday February 1st (7.30pm) Saturday February 2nd 2.30pm 7.30pm)

Torquay Museum

529 Babbacombe Road



Tickets: 07855 090589

Book online at (visit box office tab)

Facebook & Twitter: @sdevonplayers
Instagram: @sdevonplayers1

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