Welcome to Riviera FM

currently broadcasting to you on line, we have also completed two on air broadcasts on 106.2FM to the Torbay community. We have set up this station using the knowledge, and broadcast skills of our team to enhance social communications within Torbay.

Watch Riviera.fm Live on their Webcam

Riviera FM has a complete coverage around Torbay. We are at the moment waiting to hear from the regulator Ofcom regarding our FM licence.

Riviera FM has been gladly accepted by local organisations. A Community Radio station of this type is badly needed in the bay area. We are not a “pop” station (although music will be played). As previously mentioned we are concentrating purely on the Torbay community. “Riviera FM”, is NOT run as a business to make money from the community (unlike commercial radio stations) we are a charitable trust. We transmit radio commercials, but they will only pay for our running costs, and for the investment of new equipment, any surplus monies will be put into local charities.

We are bringing social gain to Torbay in many ways, training, fund raising, student education (opportunities to participate in the service), and improvement of community knowledge to the residents of Torbay.

This includes the strengthening of community links with an emphasis on the young, and the old, plus the promotion of social inclusion, and the encouragement of participation in cultural activities.

We are committed to promote local businesses/trading in every way possible, bringing gain to Torbay listeners and business participants, especially in areas where there appear to be gaps, and notably where they are underserved by other radio stations in the locality.

There is a weekly programme promoting a wide spectrum of local trades, and amenities, those new, and already established businesses. We are in partnership with Social Services, The CVA Torbay, R.S.P.C.A., Safer Communities, The Devon & Cornwall Police, Health Services, The Coast Guard, CAB, Job Centre, Riviera Centre, BBC Radio Devon, Churches, and, many local voluntary organisations.

We are promoting, and covering most events in Torbay, with our mobile unit, plus fund raising, in house, and at local events. There are morning, and late afternoon drive programmes, magazine programmes, and specialist programmes in the evening.

We are in partnership with BBC Radio Devon, they have been our advisors during the starting up period, and we hope to maintain this close liaison with the BBC.

Local news is generated in our studio, and national news is obtained from Independent Radio News (IRN) in London, plus local travel & weather, is broadcast frequently.

Generally we fill in the gaps where the other stations do not serve all the interests of Torbay, in a positive way.

We have a Steering Committee /Group made up from a cross section from local organisations, and the public, the company board will be accountable to them. The group advise on station policy, program content, provide arbitration, and are the eyes and ears of the station, to meet every six months .

We are committed, and have agreed to train students in radio production, as training, and education will be high on the priorities list.

Please listen and contribute to Riviera FM, it’s your only Torbay community radio station.

Martin Foster MD/Chief Trustee, and the Broadcast Team.

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